Adventure Camps
Our adventure camps focus on the development of a positive self-image. We focus on providing a minimal technology camp experience. We center on self-created and self- propelled activities. In this age where children are surrounded by technology, our goal is to get campers outside actively creating, playing and learning life Outdoor Survival Skills.

The activities undertaken by the campers help them to overcome fear and develop confidence. They also instill the spirit of teamwork in the campers and help them in learning the art of communication. Depending on the camp location, some of the following activities are undertaken

  1. Rope courses

  2. Rock climbing

  3. Rafting

  4. Rappelling

  5. Shooting

  6. Yoga

  7. Photography

  8. Self Defence

  9. Performing Arts

  10. Outdoor Games

  11. Art and craft, cooking, back packing and much more…

“Get ready to get every pulse, every beat, every soul hypnotized.”


The camp can be spread over a duration of 1 night and 2 days (minimum) and upto 9 nights and 10 days (maximum).

Parents can either drop the child to the Break Loose office at Panchkula or can request us to arrange for a pick-up from their place. From the office, the children will be escorted to the camp site in Break Loose vehicles.

Our team consists of Qualified Instructors from the Mountaineering Institute, Ex-Servicemen, Doctors and Counselors. Break Loose maintains an overall camper/staff ratio of approximately 5:1.

Safety and Healthcare:
Break Loose has an excellent safety record, never having had an accident. Camper’s health and safety is stressed during our staff training. A doctor is typically a regular member of the staff.

General Information:
From the head office, the entire arrangement shall be made by Break Loose includingstay, food and equipment. It is desired that campers do not carry mobile phones or any other valuables with them. Contact, if any, may be made through the accompanying instructors of the Break Loose team. All that campers need to bring along is their personal kit and clothing. A list of things required shall be sent to the camper upon enrollment.

Excursion tours:

We offer custom made tours to institutions as well as groups depending on their requirements and budgets. Institutions/Groups can also choose from our custom made tours for the same. To know about our programmes, one may contact us on the details given on the Contact Us page.

Jeep Safaris:
Mopar Underground Jeep Wrangler Overland

We conduct jeep safaris to Ladakh in the months of June/July and August/September. The tour is scheduled over a period of ten days ideally, covering most places lying arund Leh which include, Pangong So lake, Karu, Hunder, Nubra valley, various monasteries in and around Leh.


Our indoor programmes comprise of workshops and seminars that we conduct from time to time in different institutions. We are also empanelled by the Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Haryana, for the same.

The various topics that we cater to are –

  • Skill Development Programmes which include Personality Development, Interview Skills, Stress Management.

  • Induction Programmes

  • Spiritual healing Camps

(in addition to our preset modules, we also offer custom made programmes to institutions based on their requirements.)