A little about Break Loose
We are a professional organization delivering a range of quality learning programs at all skill levels as a part of our outdoor and indoor education endeavour.
A combination of both is focused at developing a broad skill set for each camper.

Our staff is highly trained and well educated, and has a special knack of getting along well with children and ensuring discipline at the same time. Our excursions are specifically designed to rejuvenate the campers, away from the hectic city life, in the lap of Mother Nature. We work to tailor, develop and deliver the activities to inculcate leadership and team work to impart a skill that lasts a lifetime.

The activities are conducted in the most primitive and deepest sense as the importance of these characteristics cannot be overstated in today’s highly specialized professional environment. We believe that experience is the best teacher, hence, every child deserves to experience the calm and tranquility that today’s fast paced urban life has deprived him/her of.

“A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do. Nothing else”

Mahatma Gandhi

Going by this, we help each child find his or her true potential in creative, academic, sporting and literary pursuits on our camps. This would go a long way in your child being able to assess where his true potential lies and in having the courage to follow his heart – which is something one tends to lose with age.

Our Mission
Our mission is to inculcate the spirit of individuality in each camper – young or old. To provide a stress free environment away from the hassles of urban life to our participants is what we strive for. We place the needs and safety of our participants foremost.
Our Vision & Values

To create a society so rich in diversity and yet so united in harmony – harmony with fellow human beings, animals and nature – that it is the pride of our nation and an aspirational ideal for others.

  1. Integrity – in thought, word and deed.

  2. Honesty – in all our endeavours.

  3. Trust – in our employees, participants and ourselves.

  4. Faith – in the goodness of mankind at large and in God above.

  5. Well-being and safety – of our participants, employees, staff and all those who associate with us.

  6. Steadfastness – towards our values in the face of all adversity.